Vic Logan

Vic Logan

Dirleton Castle GC is very sad to have received news on Tuesday 18th January from Vic Logan’s daughter, Julie Graham, that he died that morning in Jedburgh. He was 90 years old having been born at 15 Hamilton Crescent on 27th February 1931.  The family later moved to 26 Hamilton Crecent.

Vic was a stalwart of the Castle for many years and a past Captain. He was a real character of the Club as well as a tremendous golfer and George Patterson, who Julie spoke to, was lucky enough to be on the winning Castle Winter League and County Cup teams with him.  He was one of the many very low handicap Castle members who Juniors of the day, such as Alan Macdonald, were able to play with in Castle competitions when growing up.  The running draws were a great way to get experience playing with good golfers – that system is returning this year as we come through the pandemic.

Vic had very strong wrists and arms and was one of the longest hitters Alan played with back in the days before modern equipment helped average players hit the ball longer.  Alan played against Vic in his first (of many) losing Castle Club Championship finals in 1982 and was leading most of the way.  Alan was 1 up with 2 to play and hit his 2nd shot to about 4 feet at the 17th, thinking “This could be me winning.”  However Vic hit his 2nd shot stiff and Alan missed his putt. Vic then drove the green at the last in spite of no wind behind and while Alan got an easy 4, Vic lagged his putt up for a winning birdie – he was a great competitor and hated losing!

Castle Captain Stuart Munro reckons he was an outstanding character and proud member of the Castle.  Stuart remembers Vic from his early years in the village and he represented everything good about living and working locally and enjoying Gullane village life with the Castle such a major part of that.

In addition to golf, he was a big Gullane Games man – one of the team of local guys in blue polo shirts (or alternatively at the front of the parade with Steve Hoffie and with “taps aff” ) working hard to make the Games a success year after year.  I think it was an all male committee then.

He was half of Smith and Logan plumbers/builders, alongside Tom Smith, who had their yard to the right of the Golf Inn/Bonnie Badger rear entrance.  I suspect the Badger would not have been his style!  He and his wife Betty moved away to Fearnan near Kenmore in 2000 then, after Betty died in 2006 he moved in 2009  to Cyprus to live with his daughter Julie. He missed Scotland so much he moved back to Jedburgh in 2010. There are 4 daughters, Julie, Irene, Susan, Vicki and 7 grandchildren.

Vic’s Castle Honours Board 1955-1997

  • Captain 1963-65
  • Club Champion 1967, 70, 77, 82 and 88
  • County Cup Winning Team 1970, 77, 83 and 93 – he also played in Gullane Comrades winning team at North Berwick in 1964
  • Singapore Cup 1976
  • Watson Cup 1955, 76 and 78
  • Courtald Thomson 1960, 65, 70, 75 and 81
  • Captain’s Prize 1973
  • John Keir Putter 1973
  • Wotherspoon Medal 1972, 73, 80 and 81
  • Stamford Hall Medal 1956, 78 and 97 (41 year span!)
  • Monthly Medal 1967, 70 and 75 (tied with J Purves)
  • Haldane Cup 1972
  • Daily Mail Foursomes 1978 and 79 (UK competition partnered by J Hope)
  • East Lothian Winter League Winner (member of Dirleton Castle Team) 1967-68, 74-75 and the last time won by the Castle in 1989-90
  • Esmond Trophy (run by Bass Rock GC at North Berwick) 1967 & 68 the first ever player to retain this famous trophy
  • The Ladies Cup 1958, 73, 77 and 82

43 Trophies – LEGEND!

There are many memories of these events.  Jamie Sime partnered Vic in 1993 at Longniddry for the last County Cup win by the Castle.  Jamie played a great deal with Vic over the years both socially and competitively.  “Victor was my partner in the Castle’s winning County Cup team of 1993 and my abiding  memory of him was not only did he play exceptionally well that week but his infectious enthusiasm for a man of sixty two who had played County Cup and Winter League for over thirty years was incredible and helped me immeasurably.”  Vic always insisted he carried Alan Macdonald and George Patterson as he and Jamie never lost a match.  Vic was very much the team captain and made a major contribution to the victory over Longniddry, the home club in the final. Both games were level most of the way until Vic sank a long putt for a 2 at the 16th to go 1 up.  George and Alan held on to square their match and then Vic holed the winning putt on the last.  A large crowd was watching by then including many Castle members and it is fondly remembered how proud and delighted Vic was to win the Cup again for the Castle.  All went back to the Golf Inn that night and had a great celebration – Alan seems to recall Vic dancing on a table at one stage and had a terrible hangover the next morning!

The Gullane Comrades won their first ever County Cup in 1964.  Vic somehow didn’t make the Castle team but had the last laugh.  In the final he drove over the 18th green at the last at North Berwick to take the match to extra holes and Jim Inglis holed a monster putt to win at the 2nd extra hole.  This team were deemed not good enough at the time for the Castle, who went out in the first round!

In the 1990 Winter League, George Patterson recalls that Vic needed to 2 putt on the 18th from some distance to secure the team win and Vic held his arms aloft when the ball was halfway along its journey.  Alan Macdonald remembers that day and the celebrations after with Vic in his element in the Golf Inn, of course.

Back in the 1980’s and early 90’s Ronnie Atkinson used to organise a sweep on a Saturday morning and a regular group of members would turn up to play.  Alan often played with Vic which was always enjoyable.  Not that he often missed fairways but if he did, he seemed to have the knack of landing on or next to a molehill in deep rough and getting a free drop.  Some used to say that he carried a bag of earth with him in his golf bag ….

Dirleton Castle are already organising The Vic Logan Trophy following contact from Julie last year.  He was in the loop and was pleased to know he was to be honoured in this fitting way.  It will be awarded for the best scratch score in the Summer Medal on 26th June 2022.