As the Club celebrated its sesquicentenary in 2004, it can look back over the last 150+ years with deserved pride and satisfaction.  From humble beginnings in the Golf Tavern in 1854, Dirleton Castle has well and truly established itself, and down the years has competed against other, bigger clubs with no small measure of success.  Whilst success on the golf course has been very important to the Club, Dirleton Castle has, as Willie Cook the Captain of 1954 noted in the booklet produced at that time, been foremost in “advancing the cause of golf among the local people”.  It began as a local club and has retained that local character, the membership still being drawn from within the Parish of Dirleton.

From the early days when the likes of Walter Craven, William Carse and Robert Bertram were prominent, followed by Jock Brotherston, Hugh Cunningham, Hugh Watt, Bobby Ritchie, Willie Sibbald and others, the Castle’s reputation as a strongly competitive force was gradually built.  No longer do members need to come off the coal cart, stable the horse and get out on to the course for the medal as old Jock did, but there is still the same rush home after work to get out for the evening draw, always a running draw which has remained one of the traditions of Dirleton Castle. The desire to compete remains.

The Club’s record in the County Cup speaks for itself, 19 wins in all.  On an individual level the aforementioned Brotherston and Watt represented the Club in 5 winning County Cup teams as did David Doughty, Victor Logan, Tom Lyall and Jim Inglis.  Jim Hope appeared in 6 and Ian Cameron played in a remarkable 8 winning teams.  Ian has been Club Champion 11 times, followed by Jim Inglis and George Patterson 6 times each and Tom Lyall, Victor Logan, Murray Saunders and Benn McLeod with 5 wins each.  A full list of all individual medal and trophy winners is detailed in the winners section.

To quote from Dr. Audrey Paterson’s A History of Dirleton Castle Golf Club 1854-1991 “Dirleton Castle has been a focal point in the village, it has played a vital role in integration within the community and has offered companionship and friendship as well as giving the opportunity for all to participate in their chosen sport”.

Whilst reflecting on the past, the Club looks forward with optimism and with a strong membership dedicated to preserving the proud traditions of a great club.