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The Ladies Cup



The competition was first organised by the ladies of Gullane village and was first played for in 1926. The competition was open to local residents and the many visitors who came to the village in those days. The Cup was always a small silver miniature which the ladies themselves paid for and which was won outright every year. The first winner was a local resident, Peter Morin, a member of Dirleton Castle Golf Club.

The competition was organised for many years by the well known Robertson-Durham family, until in the late 1950s when Mrs. Robertson-Durham’s sister Mrs Bowhill took over and ran it very successfully for a few years. When she died, Mrs Guy Robertson-Durham took over the organisation but unfortunately during this period all previous records of the competition were lost.

At this time the organisation of the competition passed to the Secretary and Committee of Gullane Golf Club. The number of entries around this time sadly decreased and the tournament nearly folded in the late 1960s.

In November 1970 a few local Gullane Golf Club members met to try to save The Ladies Cup and with good advice from Mr Ian Bowhill, who had always taken a great interest in the competition, a Committee, approved by Gullane Golf Club, was formed to run the tournament and release the burden from Gullane Golf Club.

The competition is still run as a Gentlemen’s Handicap Matchplay Competition over Gullane No 1 course and entry is restricted to 128 competitors aged 16 years+ and who must be a full member of an East Lothian Golf Club.  The final is normally held on the Second Friday evening of August each year.

Long may it continue.

2019  K. Thomson (Gullane) bt P. Thomson (Longniddry) 3&2

2018  S. Bendoris (Dirleton Castle) bt D. Morgan (DCGC) 3&2

2017  T. Tan (Dunbar) bt D. Morgan (Dirleton Castle) 3&2

2016  G. Frost (Dunabr) bt J. Chalmers (Gullane) 3&2

2015  D. Darrie (N Berwick) bt C. Sinclair (Dirleton Castle) 2&1

2014  G. Webb (Craigielaw) bt P. Anderson (Dirleton Castle) 2&1

2013  B. Slarks (Whitekirk) bt P. Demarco (Gifford) 6&5

2012  B. Slarks (Whitekirk) bt G. Alexander (Glen) 20th

2011  M.F. Kellagher (Dirleton Castle) bt D. Rourke (Glen) 2&1

2010  C. Hardie (N Berwick) bt A. MacDonald (Dirleton Castle) 20th

2009  A. Thomson (Whitekirk) bt M. Hunter (Kilspindie) 3&2

2008  D. Neilson (Craigielaw) bt I. MacDonald (Dirleton Castle) 4&2

2007  D.R. Montgomery (Glen) bt C. Sinclair (Dirleton Castle) 4&3

2006  R. Nisbet (Longniddry) bt C. Sinclair (Dirleton Castle) 1 hole

2005  B. Brownlie (Kilspindie) bt D. Anderson (Gullane) 2&1

2004  E. Mair (Gullane) bt T.C. Manson (Dirleton Castle) 4&3

2003  C. Burns (Glen) bt K. Logan (Dirleton Castle) 6&4

2002  C. Johnston (Dunbar) bt D. Saunders (Tantallon) 4&3

2001  P. Finlay (Winterfield) bt C. Stewart (Haddington) 2&1

2000  M. Phillips (N Berwick) bt S. Maguire (Whitekirk) 3&2

1999  C. Stewart (Haddington) bt A.S. Kirkwood (Gullane) 3&2

1998  S. Doctor (Haddington) bt J.O. Kellagher (Tantallon) 2&1

1997  D. Muir (Dunbar) bt J.W. Stephenson (Gullane) 1 hole

1996  I. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt D. Muir (Dunbar) 3&1

1995  I. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt A. Morin (Dirleton Castle) 3&2

1994  R. Nisbet (Longniddry) bt K. Logan (Dirleton Castle) 19th

1993  W.E. Marston (Dirleton Castle) bt W. Manson (DCGC) 4&2

1992  R. Nisbet (Longniddry) bt A.R. Hume (Dirleton Castle) 3&1

1991  H. Hastie (Gullane) bt W. Brown (Tantallon) 19th

1990  G.A. Craigs (Dirleton Castle) bt T.R. King (Gullane) 5&3

1989  S.J. Shearer (Dirleton Castle) bt J.A. Taylor (Tantallon) 3&1

1988  L. Kristiansen (Gullane) bt W. Mason (Dirleton Castle) 19th

1987  G.S. MacLeod (Dirleton Castle) bt A.D. Hutchinson (DCGC) 6&5

1986  G. Jarvis (Dirleton Castle) bt A. Short (Gullane) 3&2

1985  I. Cameron (Dirleton Castle) bt  G. McLay (R Musselburgh) 3&2

1984  J.B. Sime (Dirleton Castle) bt W. Reid (R Musselburgh) 1 hole

1983  J.R. Inglis (Dirleton Castle) bt A.R. Hume (Dirleton Castle) 4&3

1982  V.W. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt D.R. Forrest (Gullane) 2&1

1981  D.R. Forrest (Gullane) bt J.R. Inglis (Dirleton Castle) 3&2

1980  A. Imlah (R Musselburgh) bt T. Lyall (Dirleton Castle) 3&2

1979  J. Hope (Dirleton Castle) bt H. Walker (Gullane) 1 hole

1978  G.A. Craigs (Dirleton Castle) bt A. Robertson (Gullane) 3&2

1977  V.W. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt I. Logan (Dirleton Castle) 1 hole

1976  H. McLean-Ross (Gullane) bt H. Walker (Dirleton Castle) 3&1

1975  R. Cross (Gullane) bt H. McGillvray (Gullane) 1 hole

1974  R. Davidson (Gullane) bt J. Hope (Dirleton Castle) 3&2

1973  V.W. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt A.H.M. Walker (DCGC) 19th

1972  A.H.M. Walker (Dirleton Castle) bt J.S. Barnes (Kilspindie)

1971  J.S. Barnes (Kilspindie) bt T.G.B. Mavor (Gullane)

1970  I. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt G.W. Paul (Gullane) 5&4

1969  B. Scrimger (DCGC) bt T.A. Montgomery (Gullane) 1 hole

1968  T. Lyall (Dirleton Castle)

1967  Unknown

1966  A.A. Walker (Dirleton Castle)

1965  W.B. Paxton (Dirleton Castle) bt T.D. Lyall (DCGC) 1 hole

1964  A.A. Walker (Dirleton Castle) bt G.A. Craigs (Dirleton Castle) 4&3

1963  J.R. Johnston (Tantallon) bt W. Huish (Dirleton Castle) 2&1

1962  D.R. Forrest (Gullane) bt D. Doughty (Dirleton Castle) 1 hole

1961  W.E. Marston (Dirleton Castle) bt J.R. Inglis (Dirleton Castle)

1960  L. Harris (Dirleton Castle) bt T.W. Ramsay (Dirleton Castle)

1959  J.R. Inglis (Dirleton Castle) bt P.J. Burnet (Gullane) 5&4

1958  V.W. Logan (Dirleton Castle) bt J.E. McCoach (DCGC) 2&1

1957  R. Ritchie (Dirleton Castle)

1956  F. Smith (Gullane) bt I. Cameron (Dirleton Castle) 4&3

1955  D. Doughty (Dirleton Castle) bt D.A. Peel (Gullane) 1 hole

1954  D. Doughty (Dirleton Castle) bt A.A. Walker (DCGC) 1 hole

1953  R.G.B. Mavor (Gullane) bt D.C. Murray (N Berwick) 1 hole

1952  J. Hope (Dirleton Castle) bt W.D. Hare (Gullane) 2&1

1951  M.J. Timson (Dirleton Castle) bt D. Murray (N Berwick)

1950  Unknown

1949  Unknown

1948  R. Ritchie (Dirleton Castle)

1947  Unknown

1946  J.D.H. McIntosh (Gullane) bt J. Dickson (Kilspindie)

1940-45  World War II

1939  J. Sibbald (Dirleton Castle) bt G. Henderson (Musselburgh)

1938  Unknown

1937  J.D.H. McIntosh (Gullane) bt J. Sibbald (Dirleton Castle)

1936  T. Watt (Dirleton Castle)

1935  Unknown

1934  Unknown

1933  Unknown

1932  C.M.H. Millar (Gullane) bt J.D.H. McIntosh (Gullane)

1931  J.D. Amos (Dirleton Castle)

1930  Unknown

1929  Unknown

1928  Unknown

1927  Unknown

1926  P. Morin (Dirleton Castle)

2019 Ladies Cup winner Kevin Thomson

Cup Presented by Gullane Ladies Captain, Shirley Black

The Ladies Cup is a Gents Handicap Matchplay Competition open for entry to members of East Lothian Golf Clubs.