Gullane Links Est 1854 Dirleton Castle Golf Club

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Singapore Cup

First Named is Challenger

Stroke Allowance = Full Handicap Allowance

No. 2 Course

1st Round

2nd Round

3rd Round





by 16th April

by 18th May

by 11th June

by 9th July

by 6th August

by 20th August

S Baxter

J Nicholson

I Michie

I Michie

M Lucas

R Logan

D Shearer

D Shearer

S Bendoris

S Bendoris

K Howey

K Logan

A Macdonald

A Jardine

K Anderson

K Anderson

G Wilson

G Wilson

G Hogg

M Kellagher

A Lafferty

R Cowper

R Cowper

F Campbell

I McLean

G Patterson

M Perry

I Brown

I Brown

G McLelland

P Anderson

P Anderson

G Wood

P Munro

A Fraser

S Menzies

D Saunders

I Whelan

C Sinclair

K Duff

M Cramond

J Keith

W Aitken

P Lafferty

G Ford

R Pinkerton

S Lindsey

W Mason

D Grassick